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eScribe is an end-to-end meeting management platform designed for the public sector, packed with powerful tools that simplify meetings and reduce administrative workloads while opening new channels for citizen engagement and transparency.

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Meet eScribe

Create accessible, inclusive, and engaging public forums – without paper or time-consuming manual processes. With eScribe, you can reduce administrative workloads and boost effective civic collaboration simultaneously, all under one platform.

Meeting Manager

Eliminate paper costs and optimize meeting preparation. With eScribe’s full digital meeting management platform, you can create, share, modify, and collaborate on meeting materials without printing or chasing anyone down.

Meeting Tools

Take minutes, record votes, and streamline requests. Hold meetings with ease and leave some breathing room for yourself. Capturing and reporting on what’s going on in real-time is now automatic.

Reports & Workflows

Stop worrying whether everything is getting done. With reports and workflows, you can manage deadlines, track statuses, save time, and handle reports and approvals with ease.

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Create & Manage Digital Meetings

Meeting Manager is the core of eScribe — helping you create and distribute digital meetings. It has everything you need to prepare for and conduct a meeting. Effortlessly connect clerks, staff, and public officials under one platform while providing transparency and accessibility to the public. 

Collaborate Without the Chaos

With report manager, you can smoothly collaborate with all meeting contributors. Manage approvals and submissions, track deadlines, and always know the status of reports and items–all from one place. 

Take Minutes. Record Votes. Streamline Requests

eScribe’s configurable modules come together to make holding meetings as smooth as possible. From roll call, to managing requests to speak, to capturing minutes and action items, to calculating votes — eScribe handles it all. 

Centralize Your Meeting Work in One Place

eScribe serves as your one-stop shop for preparing for, conducting, and debriefing from meetings. Track down approvals from colleagues, circulate meeting materials, send out action items, and more–all from one place. 

Public Sector Meeting Management Software Buyer's Guide

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