Langley School District

A comprehensive guide for choosing a public sector meeting management vendor that will increase efficiency, optimize collaboration, and boost transparency

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Langley School District needed a paperless system to streamline meeting processes for their 2,500 staff and 20,000 students.

Before eScribe, the meeting process was all paper-based: approval process, copying, and collating. This was a heavy burden on staff, who worked on tight deadlines with strict format and guidelines, and often worked right up to the courier arriving at the door. With 55 meeting packages per meeting and an average of 100 pages each, plus the additional courier costs, the costs of inefficiencies and burden on staff were staggering.

After turning to eScribe, Langley School District experienced:

  • Drastically reduced prep time for meetings.
  • Huge cost reductions that can be utilized elsewhere.
  • Fewer human errors because of automated processes.
  • Ability to keep up with an increasing number and type of meetings within the District.

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