North Huron Municipal

A lightning-fast implementation of eScribe helped achieve buy-in and the right attitude toward change. 

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A growing town, longer agendas, reams of paper required for meetings, and overburdened administration staff were a recipe for defeat. In addition, a looming merger of services with neighboring municipality Morris-Turnberry was about to add real complexity to the delivery of public works, building services, drainage services, and administration services.

The Municipality knew that not changing was not an option, and eScribe came in with a proposed solution.

After a lightning-fast implementation, the Municipality of North Huron has seen:

  • Decreased time spent copying and collating meeting agendas and minutes.
  • More efficient processes and quicker, clearer communications.
  • More time for staff to spend on higher-value activities.
  • Greater flexibility for making last-minute changes to agendas and documents.
  • Cost savings and a smaller carbon footprint.

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