Meeting Management for Governments

From agenda day through to reporting, eScribe’s end-to-end meeting management solution is built for the unique needs of the public sector. Built with compliance in mind, the platform has the tools to enable workflows that improve efficiency, accessibility, and transparency before, during and after your meetings.

Remote or In Person

Remote work is a new standard and organizations need permanent and well-organized solutions. eScribe allows remote and in-person attendees to participate equally in situations like voting on initiatives and having the opportunity to speak. No need to fully change your toolset – eScribe integrates with many of your existing tools and publishes directly to your existing website.

Configurable and Compliant

eScribe is configurable to match the exact needs of your organization. Our modular approach means that your organization can choose the functions that work for your business and skip those that don’t. No more bloated software with flat pricing. Choosing your modules means you only pay for the features you really need.

Bundles Crafted with Government in Mind

A simple way to choose the package that is right for you, eScribe’s expertly crafted bundles address many common requirements and offer great savings. Created after consulting hundreds of organizations, these combine our most popular modules with the option to add on any additional features now or in the future.

Not sure what you need?
Let one of our experts walk you through our platform to see how eScribe can help your team accomplish more in less time. Our customers increase their meeting task efficiency by an average of 33%.

A Seamless Start

Migrating your business to eScribe is easy and secure. Using templates and proven methodologies with remote installation, eScribe’s Implementation Teams manage all the heavy lifting, plus getting started with (link to eScribe Academy) trains your teams fast and easy.

Built on the reliable and trusted Microsoft Azure cloud platform, eScribe offers flexibility and scalability with no on-premises IT infrastructure. And with data storage in your country, your organization maintains data sovereignty – an important element for public entities. 

Calculate Your ROI

Implementing a digital solution like eScribe can save your organization time and money. A more efficient process means saving on time and costly resources like paper and ink. Plus eScribe’s configurable platform and tiered pricing means you only pay for what you use. Use our ROI Calculator to estimate how much your organization could save.

Getting Started-Option 2

eScribe Academy

The Academy is a new way to onboard your team. With on-demand video learning your team can practice alongside the videos and learn at their own pace to fully master the platform. Get access for a full year to refresh your knowledge anytime you need to.

Get Started

Learn more about what features are right for you or get started with a quote today