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The New Era of Public Meetings

Is Your Organization Ready for Remote and Hybrid Work?

Remote work is here to stay, and organizations need permanent and well-organized solutions to adapt to the changing requirements. For public sector organizations that means creating streamlined and robust board/ committee meetings.

Unique Challenges of Hybrid Work

Hybrid work – where some members are participating online, and some are gathered in person – can be difficult to accommodate without the right tools.

Remote participants cannot be ignored or treated as less important by their in-room counterparts simply because they are communicating on a screen instead of face-to-face. Similarly, in-person groups can’t be uninformed because they can’t easily access or review the same data.

Bridging the Gap

For the virtual and physical domains to function together as a single meeting, a system is required to seamlessly manage both environments and their respective participants in real-time.

eScribe allows both remote and in-person attendees to participate equally across situations like voting on initiatives and having the opportunity to speak. By utilizing a singular platform for all participants, no group is left without the information they need or tools to actively participate in decision making.

Why eScribe

eScribe offers modern tools for better meetings. Covering the entire meeting lifecycle in one place, your organization can improve workflows and maximize participation from all attendees. And since eScribe is designed with the public sector in mind, it has the tools you need with compliance and transparency requirements built in.

A Reliable Formula

With a tried-and-tested methodology, eScribe has a system to make migration fast and easy from virtually any vendor.  

Easy Installation

You don’t need IT knowledge or teams to implement eScribe. With remote installation and a Microsoft foundation, it is simple to get started.

Online Learning

Learn at your own pace with eScribe Academy. With topics, chapters and on-demand videos you can practice in real time to master the platform.

Contact us to get a customized quote or to book a personalized demonstration to see how eScribe can work for your organization.

Customer Testimonials

Start with Turnkey Packages

Understanding how to configure a new solution to solve your pain points can be challenging. That’s why eScribe has taken the guesswork out of the process by bundling together the most important modules for addressing common requirements. All eScribe bundles provide the tools you need to ensure your content is digitally inclusive.

Our Bundles

Efficiency Bundle

Enhance pre-meeting, during-meeting and post-meeting tasks from agenda creation to publishing minutes on your website. Optimize workflows, automate processes, and streamline the management of materials on tight deadlines.

Digital Readiness Bundle

An extension of the Efficiency Bundle, this bundle provides tools to manage report-related tasks. Improve access to documents with template management, version control, approval workflows, and multi-user document editing.

Transparency Bundle

Transparency Bundle
Achieve openness and transparency of your complete meeting lifecycle with eScribe’s most advanced bundle. Includes extensive features to incorporate live and archival video streams.

Accessibility & Functionality Built In

When choosing a meeting management platform, your organization needs to ensure the tool lives up to the needs of all your stakeholders. Here are some questions to ask of your platform.

Does it allow you to create templates and frameworks?

These can be used across your organization to fit the standards needed to deliver the right information in the right way.

What file formats are compatible?

File type compatibility is essential for sharing information across your organization and for public distribution.

Is the platform WCAG 2.0 compliant?

Does the software comply with WCAG 2.0 Level A and Level AA standards?

Can it publish in HTML5 format?

HTML5 format has best compatibility with screen readers. PDFs do not.

Does it provide Closed Captioning? Is it automatic?

Is it available for both live and pre-recorded content? Is it automated or manual?

Affordable Pricing

eScribe is more affordable than you might think with a tiered pricing structure. The cost based on two factors – the bundle or modules you choose and the size of your organization. Customers who switch to eScribe save an average of 10% on annual recurring fees by switching to eScribe.

eScribe Can Help

Looking to learn more about how eScribe works? Join us for our next overview webinar where our team will walk you through the platform answer your questions live.

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