Meeting Tools

Take Minutes. Record Votes. Streamline Requests.

Hold meetings with ease and leave some breathing room for yourself. Capturing and reporting on what’s going on in real time is now automatic.

Meeting Minutes Made Easy

The Minutes Builder unifies your workflow, enabling you to take minutes directly within the platform. Effortlessly make notes, create tasks, track attendance, and mark motions as the meeting progresses. The builder makes it easy to focus on the meeting itself, a must have for every meeting workflow.

Easily manage member debates

Keep your minutes clear. You can effortlessly make sense of your member debates in detail with requests to speak, and even move or second motions with our Meetings Pro app.

Skip The Whip Count With Vote Manager

With vote manager, you get a rules-based electronic voting tool that even does the math. It’s integrated with roll call, check-in/out, and pecuniary interest management, so recording votes is simple. Plus, it even graphically displays real-time voting results.

Streamline Citizen Requests

Public comments and delegation requests don’t have to be something to fear. Review and approve them through an online, configurable citizen request form that uses an automated approval process.

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