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Get a clear understanding of how your organization would benefit from eScribe with a personalized product demonstration. Fill out the form and a dedicated public sector governance expert will be in touch.

Easy Implementation

You don’t need IT knowledge or teams to implement eScribe. With remote installation and a Microsoft foundation, it is simple to integrate eScribe.

A Reliable Formula

With a tried-and-tested methodology, eScribe has a system to make migration fast and easy from virtually any vendor.  

Online Learning

Learn at your own pace with eScribe Academy. With topics, chapters, and on-demand videos you can practice in real time to master the platform.


Leave Legacy Products Behind

If you inherited a system that just doesn’t work, it’s time to consider other options. If you’re experiencing these problems, it’s time to reassess your needs and find better solutions.

eScribe Academy

The first of its kind in meeting management, this new online learning platform helps users become an expert on all the robust features eScribe has to offer. Spend more time on the courses covering topics your business is most invested in and practice in real time alongside the videos. With access for a full year, refresh your learning whenever you need to truly become an eScribe master.

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Getting Started Checklist

Plan your transition to eScribe with a few simple steps. Need help making a plan? eScribe will help make the process seamless.  


Plan what you are looking for in a meeting management platform. Identify gaps in your current process and goals for the future to build a system that meets your needs.

Configure the New Platform

Stylize and add your branding, then implement roles, approval flows and set up templates. Consider ways eScribe can help optimize your workflows to boost efficiency. 

Change Management Plan

Consider a timeline for roll-out and alert staff to upcoming changes. Then assign roles internally for who will be a decision-maker and who will aid in the transition process.

Migrate Data

Work with the eScribe product team to take your saved data and import it into the new system. Whether you choose to import only recent files or all data is up to your team. Spot check items here to ensure everything works.

Collect Historical Data

Compile a list of required templates, workflows, and user roles with eScribe’s preparation documents and determine which published information needs to be migrated.

Train Your Teams

Educate your teams on the new processes. With eScribe Academy getting to know the platform is simple and makes onboarding simple!

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