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The report will contain exclusive insights from clerks across North America on overcoming common challenges like inefficient processes, digital engagement, and seamless document management.

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Learn how to identify and apply for opportunities for funding to better your community.

Explore common cloud-related concerns of public entities and compare cloud-based storage with storing data locally.

The complete guide to meeting management software for the public sector.

Questions you should ask your vendor to help you determine whether it’s time to consider switching to an alternative.

The advantages, for both councilors and citizens, of adopting integrated meeting management voting over standalone devices.

The key requirements for future civic meetings and approaches for successfully managing them both in-person and virtually.

Thirteen key attributes you should consider when selecting a video streaming service for your transparency initiatives.

Mimicking paper electronically won’t meet your citizens’ and stakeholders’ expectations. Take steps towards the next level of digital transformation.

Enable digital inclusion, meet accessibility compliance, and lead the way for transparency throughout the meeting lifecycle.

This paper explores these concepts in detail, including key technical elements that should be factored into public sector organizations’ contingency approaches.

Your go-to guide for building stronger connections between local governments and their communities.

How AV and meeting management systems can best combine to deliver superior user experiences for both in-person and online participants.

A comprehensive guide for choosing a public sector meeting management vendor that will increase efficiency, optimize collaboration, and boost transparency

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