School Board Meeting Software: 5 Top Solutions

Running a school board meeting is a difficult task made easier by school board meeting software. Such software platforms enable school boards to create and customize agendas, provide secure access to board and elected officials, engage with the public and stakeholders, and more.

With every passing year, school boards that don’t invest in software risk leading meetings that range from being inefficient to lacking transparency and security. If you’re interested in learning more about school board meeting software that can be configured for your school board’s needs, read on to learn about the pros and cons of 5 school board meeting software platforms. The right platform for your board’s needs is only a click away.

5 Top School Board Meeting Software Options

School board meetings are unique in that they represent the intersection between public education and local government. As such, any software program designed for school board meetings should provide a wide variety of services, including:

  • Meeting organization: Whether you need to keep track of minutes or streamline agendas, a good school board meeting software platform should help everyone stay organized, allowing facilitators to lead efficient and effective remote meetings with ease.
  • Public engagement: School board meeting software should allow members of the public to add comments, vote on resolutions in real-time, and view school board meetings through your organization’s website. They should also facilitate accessibility in the form of generating captions.
  • Transparency and openness: School board meeting software can help archive previously held school board meetings on YouTube along with that meeting’s minutes and agenda, allowing the public to interact with agendas and records at their convenience.

Overall, any software solution a school board chooses should be designed for one purpose: to improve and streamline the board’s effectiveness. Read on to learn about 5 popular options for school board meeting software platforms and to determine which one might be right for your board.

1. eScribe

eScribe offers a modular solution that shines due to its configurable design. Users can pick and choose different functionalities based on their needs, allowing them to facilitate remote meetings with ease while avoiding cluttering up their system with tools they don’t need.

In meetings, eScribe offers users state-of-the-art engagement tools, which allow them to hold roll calls, electronically capture votes, and access agendas and minutes quickly and easily. They also make it simple to index and link videos so stakeholders and members of the public can review meetings at any time. Furthermore, eScribe can be used to manage public viewing and comments, allowing you to fully engage with members of your community without any technological headaches.

What’s more, eScribe is capable of managing boards and their vacancies and appointments online, making it an ideal tool during school board elections. To learn more about eScribe and its pricing, request a quote online to learn more about how eScribe can help take your school board meetings to the next level.

2. OneMeeting

OneMeeting, formerly known as PrimeGov, offers tools to help local governments digitize their agendas, optimize their meetings, and improve community engagement. In particular, their agenda automation tools are ideal for generating custom agendas that can be integrated with a wide variety of other programs, including Microsoft Excel and Word. Although they do not provide pricing information on their website, interested parties can contact OneMeeting for a demo.

3. Granicus

Granicus is another popular tool for local governments. Its platform boasts agenda and meeting management, custom website-building tools, and records management in their govRecords system. Their govService platform is also capable of digitizing a wide variety of requests, from licenses to 311 requests, making it a good choice for any government whose needs go beyond that of a single school board. Although pricing information is not available on their website, they invite government officials to schedule a demo to learn more. 

4. CivicPlus

CivicPlus’s goal is to empower local governments, which they achieve by offering a suite of products that allow users to keep buildings up to code, reach residents in an emergency, and put important forms online. Although their services are wide-ranging and diverse, their CivicClerk module can be used for agenda management – ideal for hosting a streamlined, modernized school board meeting. CivicPlus invites interested government officials to reach out for more information.

5. iCompass

iCompass bills itself as a local government software solution that seeks to help local governments of any size. Its meeting management software is capable of managing boards, digitizing agendas, and providing the public with real-time access to meetings. However, the scope of their products is relatively limited, and users looking for more perks and bonuses may find more success with another provider. As with the other providers, iCompass does not provide pricing information online; instead, interested parties are invited to reach out to learn more.

eScribe Drives School Board Effectiveness

School board meetings can greatly benefit from software designed to improve meeting effectiveness, drive public engagement, and even help with school board elections. Although there are many such software platforms on the market today, only eScribe offers a wide variety of perks that make it ideal for the needs of school boards, public education, and local government. eScribe is designed to provide wide-ranging and customizable options for school boards and local governments alike.

If you’re interested in learning more about digitally transforming your school board and bringing it into the 21st century, don’t hesitate to download our white paper, Digital Transformation: The Death of Paper in the Digital Age, today.