School Management Software: 7 Top Solutions

The past few years have seen a dramatic shift in how schools approach learning, including increased internet use in regular classroom activities. Luckily, school boards and administrators don’t have to search too long and hard for different ways to manage information vital to the proper functioning of the school. The right school management software simplifies these tasks by streamlining administrative processes like school board voting and records management.

Are you searching for quality education management software? With a plethora of options available on the market, selecting a suitable school management system proves challenging. Each software platform comes equipped with a distinct set of features to suit the needs of a specific learning facility. Make an informed decision with our guide to school management software solutions.

What is School Management Software?

School management software helps schools automate their daily educational and administrative tasks. Sometimes referred to as student information software, these systems offer educational institutions a wide range of functionality to aid in real-time monitoring of attendance, performance, enrollment, and other crucial student-related information. 

Depending on the software, the system may be accessible to parents, teachers, administrators, and students. It can also help schedule and automate financial and administrative duties. As a result, a single platform aids in enhancing communication with the educational institution, enhancing transparency and efficiency, and optimizing school operations. 

Types of School Management Software

Based on your objectives and requirements, different types of school administration software exist on the market. Learn more about the most common types of educational management software for schools.

School Information Management

This software assists schools in managing all school operations and tasks efficiently and effectively. This includes a student information system, which stores enrollment details, medical information, transcripts, grades, and other relevant information. 

In addition, such management software aids in ensuring state compliance, as they often feature pre-built reports to show demographics, attendance, scheduling, etc.

Campus Management

Primarily used in higher learning institutions, like colleges and universities, a campus management system offers a comprehensive platform for overseeing process flows, organizing academic activities, and providing online access to relevant information.  They aid institutions in becoming more effective, ultimately raising the standard of learning.

Student Management

Also known as a student information system, this software aids in monitoring everything related to the students in a school. From the day they enroll in that specific educational facility, all the information they submit or receive from the school is recorded on this platform.

Faculty Management

This system helps automate processes related to a school’s faculty. From recruitment and onboarding to project management and performance monitoring, this platform makes  processes simple, easily accessible, and more efficient.

Board Management

A school board plays a vital role in running an educational institution. It determines policies, rules, and other governance-related aspects of the school. Board management software aids in simplifying these tasks. The best board management software will help organize matters, like the voting process for the school board, budgeting, leadership decisions, and other administrative tasks. 

List of the Best School Management Software

Finding the best education management software can be difficult. Luckily, we compiled a list of the top software used in the leading educational facilities. Take a deeper dive into the most popular online school management software available on the market. 

1. Gradelink SIS

Gradelink SIS provides the perfect solution for administrators looking to save time on the daily administrative tasks in their schools. With its student information systems software and built-in gradebook, this platform consists of everything needed to run a school. Some of its unique features include:

  • Classroom management features, including transcripts, grades, report cards, and a built-in LMS system
  • Gradebook features like curve scores, class summary, attendance tracking, weighted assignments, parent portal, and lesson planning
  • School administration features, including the control of finances, faculty responsibilities, online payments, online scheduling, curriculum, higher education, and more

2. FreshSchools

FreshSchools is a flexible management tool with end-to-end capabilities to speed up the school application process. This covers choosing a school, managing applicants and registration, and providing year-round forms to parents and school administration. With a user-friendly interface, FreshSchools is readily accessible.

Its unique offerings are in its school administrative systems, including library management, online payments, online calendar, reporting, analytics, and parent/student portal.

3. ParentLocker

This online school management software streamlines and automates all the administrative tasks involved in running a school. This covers transcripts, homework, tests, data analysis, planning, enrollment, admissions, and many other activities. It provides parents and the entire school with a comprehensive and seamless approach to communicating critical details and monitoring students’ progress while in school.

4. Bloomz 

Using Bloomz’s distinct features, educators can interact, converse, and collaborate with parents to benefit their students. It has functions like chatting, simple video and photo sharing, scheduling, registration forms for school volunteers, and forms for meetings and field excursions. Additionally, Bloomz serves as a platform for students’ personality and behavior management portfolios. There is a mobile version of this student information system as well.

5. School Diary

If you are looking for software that effectively manages all the information an educational facility sends and receives every day, School Diary offers the ideal solution. Using a single platform, a school can distribute messages, attendance reminders, homework, pictures, and fee reminders. The software also comes with tools for school accounting, administration, and classroom management software. 

6. FamilyID

FamilyID helps schools easily retrieve and enter information about the school and its students. It comes with an efficient online registration management system that streamlines the school application process and effectively stores student information. FamilyID is best used for registration for school clubs, sports, and other activities.

7. eScribe

For school boards, eScribe offers a simple and effective board management solution that provides an end-to-end platform for increased efficiency and transparency in school administrative tasks. Purpose-built for school boards and other public-sector organizations, it’s configurable to match a school board’s exact needs and ensure compliance.

Features include:

  • Meeting Manager: Optimizes creation of agendas, minutes, and action items
  • Participant Portal: Provides members with secure access to board records from virtually anywhere
  • Citizen Engagement: One-click content publishing to easily engage stakeholders
  • Public Comments: Allows the public to comment before, during, and after meetings
  • Report Manager: Comprehensive workflows and tools to build reports

eScribe Powers School Board Effectiveness

From managing boards, student activities, or facilities, software solutions streamline the process. As you search for the right school management software, consider ease of access, functionality, security, and customer support.

eScribe is designed to provide wide-ranging and customizable options for school boards to streamline board business and enable transparency, including unlimited web streaming and content distribution. 

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