Best Practices for Supporting Remote Workers

The recent COVID19 crisis has enveloped the world and has very quickly impacted the way that we all conduct our business. Our team has been having many conversations with our Customers and potential Customers about how they can very quickly adapt their operations to efficiently work remotely.

We wanted to make you aware of how you can leverage eScribe to ease the burden on staff and make working remotely easy. If you have any questions on the details below, please reach out to our team to discuss how we can best support you in this difficult time.

General Stuff

  • eScribe is managed and stored on Microsoft Azure, which allows all of your staff to login to eScribe from home, with minimal assistance from your IT department; all that’s needed is an internet connection!
  • How staff collaborate on reports remotely becomes very important. We recommend using Report Manager to draft and collaborate on reports. It is significantly more centralized and efficient then emailing around many copies of Word documents among colleagues. Your email inbox will thank you.
  • Staff can use the Agenda Requests feature to submit agenda items electronically.


  • When working in a remote environment, older processes such as walking a report around for approval are no longer possible; and emailing various versions of draft reports just isn’t efficient. Leveraging eScribe with its built in document management capability and basic or more complex approval processes for Report Manager will maintain a centralized and streamlined approval submission process. It ensures that everyone knows where the most current versions of your reports are, while also maintaining the audit trail for accountability purposes.
  • Handwritten signatures are not possible when staff work remotely. Use our built-in electronic signatures or leverage our digital signatures partner Notarius, to make signing quick and easy online.
  • To facilitate remote workers even more, you can leverage the Approval Manager app to make approving reports on the go even easier, simply by using your IOS or Android smart phone.
  • In times of crisis, it is often that our institutions meet more often then they did before. With the creation of task forces and increased frequency of management and staff meetings to ensure that everyone continues to be in the loop and decisions can be made quickly on the fly. In order to help you do this, you can leverage your eScribe site beyond the formality of Council/Board/Committee meetings for informal or adhoc meetings.

We are committed to helping anyone in need of assistance in any way that we can. If there are any questions that we can answer or anything that we can do to help restore order and reassurance, please reach out to our team and we will be happy to assist you.