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The Future of Meeting Management in the Public Sector:

In-Person vs. Remote vs. Hybrid?

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As the pandemic continues to loom in the background of our lives even as we return to in-person meetings, how should the right balance between physical and virtual be struck? For the public sector as the meeting planning for the year is in the works, many are asking the question: Should they be in-person or virtual or hybrid? What is the future of meeting management in public sector?

Join this intriguing discussion with Megan Wiegelman, City Clerk from City of La Mesa, along with eScribe co-founder Paul Mackin, in which we try to get answers for:

  • Which direction is the future of meeting management system headed?
  • What are the few key learnings that shaped the perspective of our esteemed panel?
  • What are the future plans for the cities the panelists represent?

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