eScribe Unveils New Online eLearning Platform to Enhance Customer Experience

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  • February 24, 2022

eScribe launches new customer-focused learning platform alongside updated brand and new website

Feb. 23, 2022 – TORONTO – eScribe a leading provider of meeting management software for the public sector, today announced eScribe Academy – a first-in-class Learning Management System for online learning. This asynchronous learning platform provides customers the opportunity to learn at their own pace, working on the platform in tandem with the videos to expedite their learning. Replacing traditional training sessions, trainees have access to a chaptered video library with the ability to adjust speed and transcripts for greater accessibility opportunities, earning certificates and badges upon completion.

“We’re excited to unveil eScribe Academy and see our customers benefit from the new platform,” said Tara Astbury, Director of Operations at eScribe. “The platform allows trainees to learn at their preferred time and pace instead of gathering for multi-hour group training. By being in control of their learning, users will also be able to practice in real time and become confident in their transition.”

Since the transition to remote work in 2020, organizations across every industry have faced new demands for training and upskilling to fill labor gaps and keep up with the pace of digital transformation. According to a recent study, 95% of respondents said that self-paced learning was a motivator for completing coursework and 58% of respondents in a different survey said they prefer to learn at their own pace versus instructor-led classes.

For organizations, eLearning programs take around 40% to 60% less time to finish than comparable, classroom-based instructional courses. With eScribe Academy, organizations can save valuable time on training by allowing trainees to move at their own pace while providing managers with insights into how new employees are progressing. For public sector agencies, the platform makes training an efficient and seamless experience for the entire group, allowing organizational leaders to focus on larger initiatives. 

“I really enjoyed using the LMS for the Meeting Manager training. With , you can learn the same information in smaller increments of time, which I feel helps with information retention. You can fit the training around your schedule as well, since the videos are not very long,” said customer Lucie Palka, Digital Services Coordinator for the town of at Niagara-on-the-Lake.

In addition to eScribe Academy, eScribe also revealed a brand-new website experience along with a new updated logo and brand. After being acquired by board management leader OnBoard in 2021, eScribe remains 100% committed to meeting management for the public sector and is continuing to expand their team and upgrade their customer offerings and platform. The company increased emplioyee headcount by 32% in 2021 and plans to add an additional 30% more staff in 2022. eScribe also recently began building a stronger, more robust, and reliable platform. Now, in early 2022 they are excited to show the first phase of the new developments.

“2021 was an incredibly exciting year for us, bringing on a lot of great talent to our team and starting work on an incredible investment to modernize our platform,” said Rob Treumann, Co-founder and President at eScribe. “By kicking off 2022 with our new website and branding, we are able to show materially the work that’s being done in the backend. As a leading provider in meeting management, we remain committed to bringing the best experience to our customers.”


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