Collingwood General & Marine Hospital

This hospital cuts the costs and time associated with meetings by using eScribe’s meeting management software.

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The Collingwood General & Marine Hospital (CGMH) is a 68-bed facility serving more than 60,000 permanent residents and 3.5 million annual visitors to the communities of Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Clearview and the Blue Mountains.

The hospital is always looking for ways to cut overhead costs so they can provide better healthcare. One of those ways is by automating clerical procedures to achieve efficiencies and save money.

After turning to eScribe, CGMH has achieved the following successes:

  • Large binders of historical data, meeting notes, and archival packages are now all digital.
  • Preparation time for meetings has been drastically cut (8 fewer hours in collating alone).
  • Environmental impact has been reduced by virtually eliminating the use of paper and ink for agendas and reports.
  • Meetings move forward more quickly and productively.
  • Confidentiality concerns have been mitigated.

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