Thursday March 30th, 2:00pm ET

Corporate Governance Best Practices for Public Sector Boards

featuring Former Toronto City Councilor, Josh Colle.

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While many of the basic parliamentary rules for boards and committees originated with governments and institutions, they’ve been honed and tested in the corporate boardroom. Public sector boards, commissions and committees wishing to better engage with their constituents and work on behalf of their stakeholders can learn valuable lessons from company boards and their directors.

On March 30 at 2:00 PM ET, in this ATLAS Leadership series webinar, eScribe invites you to join a session with Josh Colle, former Toronto city councilor and former chair of the Toronto Transportation Commission. Now an EY consultant, Colle will share some of the corporate board best practices he used to help make his public sector postings more effective.

Participants will learn:

  • Common problems and challenges to public sector board and commission effectiveness
  • Five corporate boardroom best practices to adopt to get more work done
  • Practical guidance for engaging with stakeholders with accountability

Josh Colle

Josh Colle currently serves as a Senior Vice President for EY. Prior to joining the private sector he served in a number of municipal, infrastructure, and transit roles including director of Toronto Hydro, councilor for Toronto District 15, chair of the Toronto Music Advisory Council, and chair of the Toronto Transit Commission. 

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