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3 Motions For Success

Debi Wilcox, Professional Registered Parliamentarian

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Are you a new municipal clerk or a new member of a board or committee? Does the meeting motion process intimidate you? Or perhaps you have been wondering what exactly is a motion? Well, if you asked yourself those questions, then this mini webinar series is for you!

There are several parliamentary authorities around, however, this webinar series is based on one that is widely used in North America. Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised (11th Edition). During the sessions, Debi Wilcox, a Professional Registered Parliamentarian with over 30 years of experience in the public sector and a meeting management expert will provide insights on the 3 Must Know Motions for Meeting Success.

By learning the 3 motions, anyone involved in the meeting management process can contribute to successfully achieving the three key goals of any meeting.

About The Speaker

CEO/founder of Meeting Solutions Group, Debi Wilcox is a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, meeting management expert, and executive leadership coach for women. With over 30+ years of experience as a public sector executive, including over 25 years in the municipal clerk field, she understands the critical role the Clerk’s office plays in open, transparent local government. 

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