The Best City Council Resolution Template (Updated 2024)

  • By: Tara Astbury
  • January 2, 2024

An effectively crafted city council resolution serves as a concise record of decisions made during a city council meeting and provides a guiding framework for forthcoming actions. 

City councils include legislative bodies that govern municipalities and are typically composed of elected representatives. Resolutions are one of the ways in which city councils make decisions and take official actions.

Read on to learn more about city council resolutions, including the structure and key components, and discover how government meeting software enables city councils to reduce administrative burdens and streamline the process of passing city council resolutions. 

You can also leverage eScribe’s updated City Council Resolution Template. 

What is a City Council Resolution?

A city council resolution is an official statement or decision made by a city council to address a particular issue, express a formal opinion, or establish a policy within the jurisdiction of the city.

While not as legally binding as an ordinance—a legislative enactment—resolutions are used for affairs demanding a formal declaration from the council, but without the need to establish a new law.

In the context of city council meeting procedures, a resolution is part of the council’s agenda and would be discussed and voted upon during a meeting.  

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Why are city council resolutions important?

City council resolutions are important because they serve as formal expressions of the policies, decisions, and intentions made by a city council. Resolutions can direct city administration, influence legislation, and impact funding and operations within a municipality.

Resolutions are also a key part of the public record, providing transparency and accountability. Moreover, resolutions can be a tool for advocacy, enabling councils to formally express their support for or opposition to actions taken by higher levels of government or other entities.

In the context of council resolutions, the roles of city administrator vs. city manager are crucial as they often work with city councils to develop and implement laws and policies. 

The roles of city administrator vs. city clerk are also pivotal to the enactment of city council resolutions. The city administrator collaborates with the council on policy development, while the city manager focuses on policy implementation, including contract negotiations. 

City Council Resolution Structure

Crafting a city council resolution requires an organized structure to ensure the intent and directives are clear and actionable. Each part of the resolution plays a pivotal role in its function and execution. 

Below, we outline the essential components of a city council resolution.


The title serves as a concise summary of the resolution’s purpose, allowing readers to quickly understand the main issue or action being addressed.


The preamble provides context for the resolution, often including a rationale or statement of principles. It may reference the authority under which the council is acting and can include clauses that specify the reasons for the resolution.

Resolved Clauses

Resolved clauses include the specific sections that outline the decisions, actions, or directives the city council has officially agreed upon. These clauses are where the council formally resolves, decides, or expresses its intent on a particular matter.

Operative Clauses

Operative clauses outline the steps needed to implement the resolved clauses. They provide clear instructions for the actions that will follow the adoption of the resolution.


This section lists the members of the council who sign and endorse the resolution, indicating their agreement and support.

Effective Date

The effective date specifies when the resolution will take effect, signaling the start of its implementation.

Each of these sections plays a crucial role in the overall effectiveness and clarity of a city council resolution. They work together to ensure that the resolution is not only a statement of intent, but also a document that leads to tangible action and change.

City Council Resolution Template

Resolution 2023-002: Support for the Establishment of a Community Youth Center

WHEREAS, the City of recognizes the importance of providing

recreational and educational opportunities for its youth; and

WHEREAS, the youth of our community would greatly benefit from a safe and welcoming

space where they can engage in constructive activities, access resources, and receive

mentorship; and

WHEREAS, a Community Youth Center would serve as a hub for youth programs, fostering

personal development, leadership, and community engagement among our young

residents; and

WHEREAS, community organizations, volunteers, and concerned citizens have come

forward with proposals and resources to establish and operate a Community Youth


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of :

Section 1. The City Council hereby expresses its full support for the establishment of a

Community Youth Center within the City of .

Section 2. The City Council encourages the collaboration of community organizations,

local businesses, and volunteers in the planning, development, and operation of the

Community Youth Center.

Section 3. The City Council authorizes the City Manager to explore potential locations and

funding sources for the Community Youth Center and to work with interested parties to

facilitate its development.

Section 4. The City Council extends its gratitude to the dedicated individuals and

organizations who are committed to making the Community Youth Center a reality for the

youth of our city.

Section 5. This resolution shall take effect immediately upon its adoption.

ADOPTED by the City Council of this day of , 2023.

, Mayor City of


, City Clerk City of

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