eScribe Lite

For Small Communities and School Boards

Think your organization is too small for meeting management — Think again. Our tiered solution is perfect for small and medium sized groups.

The smaller your organization, the more likely you and your staff are to be wearing multiple hats.

Implementing tools and technologies can have a huge impact on small teams, giving you more time to focus on high-value projects to better serve your communities instead of wasting time on administrative tasks.

Quick Myth Busting

“We can’t do this without IT.”

False. eScribe can be a meeting administrator or clerk’s project. It may help to have some IT assistance, but it’s not essential. You’ll be paired with a dedicated eScribe team member who works with you at every step for easy implementation – without requiring IT support.

“We don’t have time to implement and learn this system.”

False. When you sign on to eScribe, you’re paired with an Implementation Consultant who can ramp up your timeline. Our onboarding methodology has been refined over hundreds of large and small customers and allows us to plan for every step of the process.

“It’s going to cost too much – it’s not worth it at our size.”

False. Our Efficiency Bundle starts at only $4,900 annually and provides a solution to many common pain points. Plus, we include coaching, training, and a dedicated support team at no extra cost. Check out our ROI Calculator and see the value for yourself!

“We’ll have to change our video conferencing platform”

False. Our systems are platform agnostic – that means whether your organization uses Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or many other popular video conferencing platforms, eScribe’s system will work! No re-training required.

Efficiency Bundle – Our “Lite” Starter Kit

Board and council meetings consume a lot of resources before, during and after the event, with staff and meeting administrators handling massive amounts of material on tight deadlines. The eScribe Efficiency Bundle offers optimized workflows, process automation and real-time tools to streamline and enhance pre-meeting, during-meeting and post-meeting tasks. From agenda creation to publishing minutes on your website, all your core meeting needs are covered.

Modules Included:

Meeting Manager

Optimizes the creation of agendas, minutes, and action lists

Participant Portal

Provides boards and elected officials with security-controlled access to meeting-related information

Internet Publishing Plus

Easily engage stakeholders by sharing meeting content to an existing website

Suggested Add-ons:

eScribe Meetings for Tablets

Allows secure access to eScribe meeting portals for meeting participants. For iPad and Windows 10 devices

Find out how the Efficiency Bundle can help optimize meetings for your organization.

Download our brochure to bring to your next meeting or contact us to get started today!

Bulk Up Your Bundle

eScribe is a modular system, so you can add new functionalities as your team expands or your needs grow. Fully configurable, you’ll only pay for what you need to help manage your meetings.

Add-ons Include:

YouTube Integration

Embed your YouTube videos into published meeting artifacts and tag agenda items to the video for easier access. Plus get advanced webcasting with tiered pricing.

Report Manager

Includes comprehensive workflows and tools for the preparation, approval and submission of meeting-related reports and items. Deadline and status tracking plus templates and version control ensure consistency and compliance.

Board Manager

The responsive online interface allows users to easily manage and publish details for boards and members, we all as share vacancy applications and appointments.

Meetings Professional App

Participate in meetings on the go. View, vote, and request to speak from any compatible iOS or Windows 10 device.

Approval Manager App

Users can review and prioritize awaiting approvals, open reports and their supporting documents, then approve or reject with comments from an eligible iOS or Android device.

Talk to Digital Transformation Specialist to see what add-ons are right for your organization.